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FreelanceSwitch.com Launches Freelance Radio

Biweekly Podcast Explores Growing Work Lifestyle


Sydney, Australia (October 3, 2007)—Adding to the success of the popular blog geared towards existing and aspiring freelancers, the FreelanceSwitch team has announced the launch of their biweekly podcast, Freelance Radio.


The digital radio show features tips and commentary about marketing, business development, money matters, travel, and more. Incorporating the active audience at FreelanceSwitch.com, the show gives listeners a variety of ways to contribute to the podcast's content, including submitting their own questions and advice. With a growing number of designers, writers, programmers, illustrators, photographers, and others freelancing on the side or as a full-time career, the goal of the show is to engage listeners with valuable content for a growing work format.


“Eden Creative Communities is the parent site for FreelanceSwitch, and our sites are a home for creatives around the world.  FreelanceSwitch was the next logical step for us, to support the many creatives (and others) who freelance around the world. Freelance Radio is so exciting because it allows us to share our experience and engage with a whole new audience,” said Cyan Ta’eed, co-founder of Eden Creative Communities and founder of FreelanceSwitch.com, who is also one of the show’s panelists.


The show is led by John Brougher, a technology and new media guru from Providence, Rhode Island. Other panelists include Dickie Adams, an Oregon-based freelancer specializing in design and consulting; and Kristen Fischer, a New Jersey copywriter and author of Creatively Self-Employed: How Writers and Artists Deal with Career Ups and Downs.


“We’re very excited to bring this free podcast to the ever-increasing amounts of people who are working—or looking to work—for themselves,” added Fischer. “I believe that the practical business tips and entertaining repartee between the four of us will support the growing number of people looking to work for themselves.”


“It is a great honor for us to be able to serve the Freelance community in this way,” Adams said. “By helping to further spread the available knowledge base, we hope to encourage and enable others to accomplish their goals.”


Freelance Radio joins a crowded field of podcasts, but its audience and content make it unique.  “I'm an avid podcast listener myself, and there's nothing quite like Freelance Radio out there right now,” explained Brougher.  “Just like FreelanceSwitch is the home of the freelancing community, Freelance Radio occupies a podcasting niche that really hasn't been filled.”


Freelance Radio is available for download at FreelanceSwitch.com, and through iTunes.


FreelanceSwitch.com features daily postings about succeeding as a freelancer. The interactive community was founded in 2007 and boasts over 500,000 visitors monthly and 14,000 RSS subscribers, as well as a host of regular advertisers. FreelanceSwitch is one of a family of sites owned and operated by Eden Creative Communities based in Sydney, Australia.




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